Show Me Whiteboard App


[iframe src=”″ width=”580″ height=”434″ ]

Hopefully, above this text you see a short video made using the Show Me Whiteboard App.  I was able to drop a picture into the app and record this in under 2 minutes from when I downloaded it.  The longest time I took was creating an account with Show Me.  This is a one time step.

I plan to use this as an alternate method to answer questions next fall since some parts of Jing are going away. One drawback I see after quick experimentation are that I cannot create an entire post on the iPad.  Copying the embed text is impossible from the Javascript box that opens showing the embed text. A second possible drawback is that the files are hosted by Show Me.  In the long run there may be hosting fees or other ways designed so that the company that made the app can make money.  As of now hosting is free and the app is free so for now this is no drawback.

In another minute or so I’ll see if it plays nice with WordPress.  If it does I will use it in the fall.

EDIT: WordPress turns the embed code into a link. This might not be good enough. The question will be whether to move the blog or search for another solution.

SECOND EDIT:  I tried short code rather than html frame code and get an even worse result.  Here is the link if you want to see what Show Me does: .  i guess you need a plug-in to make iframe codes work in WordPress and if they host your blog there does not appear to be a place to install it.  I might be able to convert through Vodpod, but that seems a pain.  I think the long term solution is to switch blog providers.  In the short term I might just post the link for students.

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