The Great Wall of 0.500


This game was not on my plan, but I ended up going with my youngest daughter anyway.


This game was nearly free.  I bought and sold 4 under priced tickets on Stubhub.  The proceeds paid for our tickets and our food at the park.  I also redeemed one of our hot dog coupons. We parked on the street so this game basically only cost the gas.

I talked my way into early entry by showing a season ticket holder ticket from a different game even thought the reps said that was not allowed.

My daughter and I retrieved a ball in right field after they allowed us to go there at 5:20.  We redistributed the ball to a 3-ish kid who looked nonetheless like he understood this was a baseball game.

The bullpen allowed base runners, but no runs over 5 innings. (A Fister inherited runner scored.)


Before the game Perkins and two other relief pitchers for the Twins tried to throw a ball to the fan in 211 Row A seat 1.  the first ball landed by the elevators behind 211.  The next ball was 10 rows too high.  The last two balls fell short.  I liked the Tigers chances should they get to the bullpen at that point.


The Tigers had 9 hits and (I think) only one was an extra base hit.  The Twins had 13 hits and I think all were singles.  I’m pretty sure that 22 hits with only one XBH is pretty rare.


Fister gave up several consecutive singles in the 4th that led to 4 of the 6 Twin runs.  He did not last the 5th inning.  All the runs were his responsibility.

Boesch pinch hit for Raburn in the seventh.  He struck out.

In the 9th Cabrera and Fielder reached on singles with one out.  Of course Young and Boesch were in the 5th and 6th slot in the line up and performed as expected.  Boesch struck out twice on 7 pitches.  He did not take a ball.  Anytime that in the 9th inning I say that I wish Laird was pinch hitting and people around me agree it is a bad sign for the batter whois up.

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