14 K’s and Striped Pants


It’s not like other Tigers’ pitchers haven’t struck out 14 Yankees. Bunning and Newhouser both did it. Verlander struck out 14 Yankees in 8 innings using 132 pitchestoday. Equally impressive to me was that he struck out Ichiro 3 times (career 9% strike outs). The Yankees only managed 2 unearned runs.

The Tigers offense gave 7 runs of support. Cabrera hit a home run that landed in the second row of shrubs. It wasn’t his usual line drive though. This was an unbelievably hard hit ball to carry at the height it reached.

To top things off we noticed a Twitter contest to race to the Statue of Liberty by Gate A. My daughter got Zubaz pants and a matching cap.

Free for Compulsively Checking Twitter
Free for Compulsively Checking Twitter

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