3 Free Mud Hens Tickets for August 11 (Details In Blog Post)


This is an off target use of the blog to avoid Twitter’s 140 character limit.

We are taking a group to Toledo for my daughter’s birthday and three people backed out. We already have tickets to the other Mud hens games we can attend so we are not going to exchange them. If you are interested in 2 or 3 free tickets to the game on Saturday please DM me (@highops).

The tickets are Section 104 Row D Seat 7 and 104 Row E Seats 17 and 18. We would work with you to make sure your actual seats were contiguous that day though.

And don’t worry about the celebration. We would just be glad to see the tickets used.

I would need an email to start an electronic transfer. I’m not sure what it entails on your end to receive the tickets. Probably you would need to set up an account with Minor League Baseball.

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