Robots and Gymnasts and the Pen Holds


The Tigers won a close game 3-2. Anibal Sanchez got good results. He did give up a couple of hard hits that could easily have been extra base hits or home runs. One bounced off the right field wall right to Baker who held the runner to a single. Dirks caught one on the warning track. A late fly ball would have been out of many ball parks. Villarreal, Benoit and Valverde all held. The last out came when after pinch hitter Vizquel singled, but was caught stealing second.

Their were 4 first pitches. Two corporate partners had people pitch. A pitching machine with wheels was supposed to impress. (OK- it was a robot designed by school age kids so it was king of cool, but since pitching machines exist . . .) It bounced in the pitch. Then Olympic gold medal gymnast J. Wieber bounced in a pitch in the same spot. She and Gerald Laird then traded autographed baseballs.

The Tigers recorded their 1000th strike out of the season this game. Valverde had his 100th save as a Tiger.

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