Delmon Young Has a Good Weekend


Before this game started I had to give Delmon Young as an answer to the question, “Who had a three-hit game yesterday?” in order to win a prize.  Then during the game Young hit a double and a home run.  I have not been fond of Young’s play this year, but he had a good weekend.

The first inning did not start the way a Tigers fan would hope.  Trout reached on an infield single and eventually scored.  Dirks hit a ball that looked like it was going to land in a bullpen, but Wells leapt and caught it.

But, the game turned around.  Dirks tripled in his second at bat.  Scherzer went 7 innings.  He struck out 9.  With one of the strike outs he passed Verlander in strike outs on the season.  Fielder hit a home run one pitch before Young hit his.

Fall semester has arrived and with it even shorter summaries.


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