Verlander Wins. Rain Wins


I’m working more this fall so I’m being lazy about blogging.  Wedensday my wife and I saw Verlander beat the A’s.  Verlander looked a little rough at first, but pitched 6 scoreless innings.

Friday my daughter and I went to the game. She knew Kid’s Club gives good prizes.  She won an Alburquerque autographed ball. We found the Stubhub pass person, but she picked someone else for the seats despite our best efforts at loitering nearby.  We said hi to the cookie lady from last year.  She gave us cookies- homemade chocolate oatmeal bars.  It never crossed out minds that she might share a cookie.  The Tigers delayed the game expecting rain.  The rain didn’y really come for another 1.5 hours,but by then it was too late.  We got a snack at the Rub Pub and left before the official call of the game once we figured it wasn’t going to happen.

Now I have to pick a 2013 game for a ticket trade as we cannot make the Sunday night make up.

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