Target Field


On field the Twins might simply be the overpaid remnants of good teams from a half decade ago with a AAAA supporting cast.  But, the Twins know how to build and run a ballpark.

I visited the Twins-Tigers game for Opening Day.  Since it was a last minute decision I flew in and out the same day.  This was no problem.  Target Field is at one end of a light rail line.  The other end of the line is Mall of America.  Near the Mall of America end it passes through the two airport terminals and a couple of hotel-rich stops.  In fact my family is visiting Minneapolis on spring break.  (I know- aren’t they hipsters visiting a colder city during break.) They were able to bring a bag from the hotel to me in the terminal.  I checked it to Detroit for them and then we went to the game.

The last two rail stations before the stadium have lots of restaurants from which to choose.  If you don’t mind a walk there is a lot of shopping along Nicollet Mall (a street) as well.  The Twins did not sell out Opening Day.  Nonetheless they did have a big crowd.  Despite this the wait for most concessions was short.  The exception seemed to be the donut line.  Twins fans like their donuts, I guess.  Restrooms could easily be accessed within a couple batters.  There were none of the over one inning lines you see in Detroit on the busiest days.

The best feature was that the Twins train their ushers.  The ushers stop fans from walking to their seats except between batters.  I had an aisle seat with home plate on the aisle side and I did not miss any game action.  Perhaps Comerica could try this instead of training ushers to dust seats for tips.  Heck, in Comerica I’ve had the usher seat people directly in front of me during at bats.  When fans violated policies at Target Field the ushers politely corrected them.  Two fans brought beers into the family section.  They were quickly asked to step to the concourse to finish their drinks.  No fan had to bring it to the usher’s attention.  No one got upset.  The fans got to keep their drinks.  The other fans got their alcohol free section.

I had to leave before the end of the game to catch the last flight to Detroit.  This was probably for the best since the Tigers pitching triedto leave the game early, too.  The train ride to the airport is only around 30 minutes.

Overall I thought stadium operations were great.  I’m not as fond of the look of the stadium as others.  It seems really crammed into a small lot.  This is because it is really crammed into a small lot.  It was clever design, but that doesn’t make it seem spectacular to me.  And the part that looks skewed on TV in the highest right field seats looks just as disruptive in person.

I’d say Target Field is worth a visit.  I probably wouldn’t go in April or September though.

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