I did finish reading Quiet, but I kept reading it in settings where it was inconvenient to take notes.  This is not intended as a thorough review, but as a note to myself should I look back in a year or two as to why I only wrote chapter reviews through Chapter 6.

As I recall Cain told more about synergies between introverts and extroverts.  She told of ways that members of one group could train themselves to act like the other as needed.  Her emphasis was, of course, on introverts given the nature of the book.

I have put some ideas from this book into practice.  For instance, I am using more activities that resemble think, pair, share to give all student a chance to be reflective before moving into groups.  I am reminding myself to ask students to commit to an answer in writing so that they are more likely to share once they do move into a group  or whole-class discussion.

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