I tried a new program for a few minutes today called Doceri. To use it just as a video creator uses only a fraction of the power of the program. It allows you to connect with a PC and works like a smart board with its software as well for instance. I think I could get to like this software better than Show  Me! even for the limited use. It would take some practice. For instance the pull down menus is Doceri can cover up your work. They do not show up on the final video so once you are used to ignoring them it should not affect production. I could not figure out how to resize images. This may just take a visit to the program’s help files to find out how to resize. It took me a minute to figure out how to rename files and how to find files with recordings instead of stills. Once I found that it was easy to upload the video to YouTube.

Being able to upload to YouTube is probably the biggest advantage. I don’t have to rely on Show Me! to host the videos. If I decide to pay $4.99 I can remove the Doceri advertisement from my videos. With Show Me! hosting it is hard or impossible to remove their tags.

At any rate the program was easy enough for me to use that I put together this video in one take with no practice on the software beforehand.

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