Math Literacy Course (AMATYC Session)


Mercer and Sobecki are presenting.

I chose this session since these are the authors of one of the books that we are considering for adoption. My expectation is that the presenters will talk generically about such a course, but really talk about how a book like theirs would work for the course.

I am just using my iPad app for publishing to WordPress so expect very few enhancements here. I might change my mind and switch to Notability and PDF’s tomorrow if I find this too limiting. I will also be less snarky than in past years since the administration has required reporting and I know that they will read these posts in detail.

Sobecki started by describing the scope of the problem with pass rates.

Mercer then showed what a sequence would look like with a Math Literacy course.

Their Power Point would have some value for someone who wanted an introduction to the reform. I’ll ask for it if folks are interested. For me there were no surprises in the first part of this presentation. It was also an unfortunate 25 minute introduction that is common at some of these sessions.

Basic questions and non-useful questions are tying up the presentation. What I will try to get out of this is meeting Sobecki and Mercer.

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