Emporium to College Level (AMATYC Session)


This session by Quesnell I hope will help HFCC avoid some pitfalls for students as we adopt an Emporium model.

The first 10 minutes were about how and why Weber State adopted an Emporium model. Of note tests only counted 30% of student grades (quizzes 30% and homework 30%) so it seems important to track follow up class pass rates to measure real success and learning.

Over 5 years 26% passed the Emporium and 34% passed lecture (successfully remediated). Lecture had better students, but not that much better. Gen Ed QL course had same enrollment and pass rates after successful remediation.

Since then Weber increased lab time requirement, eliminated roll overs, increased mini-lectures (mathematical discourse), required note-taking, and intervened when students took a quiz too often without asking questions. HFCC’s plan includes all of these except the requirement for mathematical discourse. So we may be starting off right.

WSU has also made a flipped class using the same materials. It seems to be doing well anecdotally.

I wish Weber had more data on whether the interventions have succeeded. A good follow up would be to email Quesnell in 6 months or so and see if with the interventions Emporium has returned to the success rates (or exceeded the success rates) of traditional face-to-face courses.

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