Friday at AMATYC


I’ll probably post session summaries into Notability files and put their links here today. This will allow me to take better notes. Also, since I don’t have Wifi in the conference areas anymore I can’t easily live update.

Here is what I plan to attend:

Mirtova will speak about Financial Literacy Projects for Financial Mathematics. I hope this is relevant to our new Math 131 course.

Mellon will speak about using mathematics to teach financial Literacy. This could be relevant in Math 081 (pending approval) or Math 131.

The Midwest Regional Luncheon is today. This is a session dedicated to networking and finding volunteers for the positions needed to run the organization. I’m unlikely to take notes about that session.

I will attend a corporate session about one of the books we may use for Math 081 (pending approval). I hope to learn how others use the book and any criticisms or suggestions that they have.

(I will attend a session by Clark and Anfinson about activities they use in algebra courses. This isn’t a ‘big picture’ session. I hope to hear about a few things I haven’t tried yet.) Oops- the McGraw-Hill Session ran long.

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