Global Numeracy, Global Change

Some QR projects are at: https://ucdavis.app.box.com/s/z587igaes91yh3yc4z2wy4dmnzslbdsm These are worth a look as they include more ideas for exponential projects and expansions like delayed exponential growth (essentially Fibonacci-like), logistics ad delayed logistics. They will need some work to use, however, as the algebra notation will probably need to be changed to match our curriculum and I […]


Letters to Stabenow and Peters

Note: I emailed these because these are allies and I wanted to make it easier on their staff than on Trump’s or Trott’s. (Although I expect Trump may not even have his staff read these). Dear Senator Stabenow: I would like to thank you for your support of progressive issues over the year. I know […]


Polleverywhere Revisited

NOT BASEBALL I tried Polleverywhere again after a couple years away from it. Polleverywhere is a system that allows you to poll students using texts, Twitter, web browsers, an app or a combination of these. It has made some big improvements for math. One big limitation, unfortunately is compatibility with WordPress.com so I cannot show […]