Bell’s Mars


A Tigers Twitter friend posted a picture of a six pack of Bell’s Mars he procured from a local wine shop. Mars is the first of 7 specialty brews from a planet series. I thought I might try my luck to see if the shop had any unencumbered bottles. It ended up win-win-win. I got two bottles.  The cost was obnoxious. I didn’t have to specifically name drop the other person- I just vaguely referred to Twitter.

Now since this is the first post in my beer series you should know that I prefer dark beers, or nutty brown beers. The exception to this is Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, an IPA. Bell’s Two Hearted Ale is the beer to which all beers are to be compared.

Mars does well even when compared to Two Hearted Ale. It starts out citrusy, then it tastes a bit bitter. The malt gives it a great body. It almost finishes sweet or with umami.

It is a shame this beer is only available in a limited batch. It’s great.

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