Hanging with Al Kaline


We went to see the Hernandez v Price match up yesterday. We bought standing room tickets since the secondary market was high for real seats. The Tigers won 4-2. Price pitched 8 innings. He only allowed 1 run and got out of a bases loaded jam in the 8th. Hernandez left after 5 innings. He was only at around 90 pitches, but in the 4th he was hit by a sharply hit ground ball.

Standing by the Kaline statue you meet some interesting folks. Several people wanted to take selfies or panoramic shots. I tried to accommodate those who asked between innings. Those who asked during action got the same look I typically give those doing the wave.

One fan spent half an inning describing which pitchers she found attractive. She was a bit more graphic. Her boyfriend took this all in stride.

We left before the fireworks since we saw them at Friday’s game. I’ll pretend I can’t remember Friday’s game. We also wanted to beat the One Direction fans at Ford Field to I-75.


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