Sam Adams IPL


I wasn’t going to blog about this beer since it isn’t great. But, the Tigers were down 4-0, I had already done 45 minutes of work and I was looking for a way to procrastinate. Writing beer reviews mostly for yourself on the internet is a great way to procrastinate.

I had wanted to try this beer for some time (well since I thought I could get it cheap before 7  at the bar in Fleming’s only to find they had switched to Summer Shandy) and a local store lets you mix and match a six pack for $8.99. So I bought and tried one. This beer is citrusy and safe. It is nothing particularly special, but it would make a good compromise beer if your family wants to drink Summer Shandy and you want to drink Two Hearted Ale. Since Sam Adams is ubiquitous at chain restaurants it would also make a good alternative to domestic pilsners.

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