NOLA Beers


I arrived a few hours early to register for AMATYC. I was in New Orleans so I thought I would get walking along Bourbon Street done as one has to do it and evening crowds would not appeal to me.

I stopped at a place advertising 100 beers. I don’t think they have 100 beers, but they have a good selection.

Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale was a good beer. It reminded me of Two-Hearted Ale with both the hops and citrus turned down a notch.

Then I drank Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan. It was a sweet mild brown which you might expect from the name. It had enough flavor and body that I thought it was worth it. It was nice that NOLA liquor laws allowed me to finish my walk as I finished my beer.

On the advice of the bartender at the 100 beers place I ate lunch at the Copper Monkey. They did make a good burger and the tater tots are great. (I guess deep fried anything is pretty good, but these were especially good). There I had Gnarled Barley Rye PA which was good. It was like Two-Hearted Ale, but the bitter was turned up a bit and the citrus down a bit. I preferred the Sweetwater and I think that is easy to get in these parts.

Real posts will be coming for the next couple days.

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