Bourbon Street and Frenchmen Street and the Ritz-Carlton


5 HFC folks took a walk to Muriel’s restaurant and then to Frenchmen’s Street. We decided not to stay at a bar called DBA for the 10 PM show and instead walked back to the Ritz-Carlton for some cover jazz.

Stoked by the fresh air, relaxing music and 3, or 4 Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecans in some cases we began to talk about take aways from the conference. In addition to our individual ideas two broader ideas appeared.

One small idea to follow up on right away is that one of my students has said he would like to tutor for free for Liberal Arts Math. Our Learning Lab director has said he would like to restart Supplemental Instruction at our campus. It seems if a student would tutor for free then he would also would lead review sessions for a small stipend. I will talk to the Lab Director when we return.

A bigger idea that may help a lot of students is to look at the Statway material authored by the Dana Center. We could replace Math 081 with the Statway materials. That course could then be a one semester path for students to go from developmental to College-level stats. I think it would probably also serve as an OK prerequisite for Math 131, Liberal Arts Math. This would let more students get to their college-level statistics class sooner and help with the low enrollment problem in Math 081 by having two groups of students in the pool of eligible students for the class. Of course all this depends on Statway being a satisfactory course for both 131 and 141, but we plan to investigate when we get back to Dearborn.

I wish I had drawn this on a napkin, but it looks sufficiently rough for a good idea.

Strategic Planning Brought to You by Jazz and Southern Pecan
Strategic Planning Brought to You by Jazz and Southern Pecan

And, don’t worry about that other photo, Mike. You can trust us.

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