Another Placement Session


Highland College shared their literature review and initial changes to placement.

  • “Placement should be educative (sic?) and participatory” (kind of mocked the 7 Steps) – There students meet with advisors first and pick classes based on career goals
  • They have brush up workshops with a faculty member from math available. 
  • They also ask affective and result questions about prior courses. They have sample review problems so students can see whether they should review before the test. 
  • Measures: table based on info about background tells which of multiple measures to use. Testing is a last resort. Their table was not part of the handout so hopefully the Power Point is online. 
  • Brush up is a MOOC. This and the embedded faculty member are grant funded and on quarters. Their college funded it one year before they got the grant. 

Their hand out will be available on the proceedings. I have a poorly scanned copy now. I will try to remember to link it later. 

I left early since I had the idea. I caught the last few minutes of a dyscalculia session. 

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