Post for Math 080 Chat on December 2


The computer in G207 does not have Jing installed. My laptop has HDMI out and the tech set up in G207 does not have HDMI in. My lap top does not have a VGA out. So we have to fake it. If the group is small enough we can do a live Jing on my laptop.

To use Jing:

  1. Download Jing
  2. Launch Jing (It will probably set it up to launch on start up)
  3. Click on the yellow sun.

    Capture on the Jing Sun
    Capture on the Jing Sun
  4. Select the window you want to use and resize the window.
  5. Select video (you can also use it for screen captures).
  6. Start your video. When you press stop it goes to a screen where you can save it. Press pause instead to temporarily halt the recording. Here is Jing’s demonstration. And here is their entire list of help videos.
  7. You can either save the video or upload it to (You create a Screencast account when you set up Jing.) Here is the video I made and uploaded. You save in .swf format and not in MP4 so it takes some work to move the file to other sites (a whole ‘nother session). You can also buy Camtasia which includes other file formats and longer video times.

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