Remind is a messaging and chat service that is used by teachers to communicate with students. I am considering using it. The service allows texting and acts as an intermediary to hide phone numbers from the parties involved.

The main problem is would solve is that when I make blog posts students in courses (other than Math 110 where I force it into the landing page of MyMathLab) do not see the message unless they actively go to the website. Students can subscribe to the blog, but this is a rough tool. They get announcements for all classes, not just their classes.

My thoughts on how to use this, at first, would be to alert students when blog posts with daily details are released. A search using Google did not turn up a way to automatically link WordPress publishing with Remind messaging. However, you can create time release messages. So, with a little more work I could have students get pushed a message when something posts to their class from the blog. I could also, preprogram assignment due dates and push a link PDF of the assignment.

I might consider the chat feature to allow students to ask questions. Students already have other channels through email, phone, and face-to-face visits. I would have to consider whether this would give more convenience to students so they would be more likely to use it and whether I could give realistic response times to the student questions.

I may add a link to a post in Math 131 and see how it goes.

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