Putting Academics First in the Planning Process


I’m new to the Higher Learning Commission conference. So, I’m picking sessions based solely on my interest. We have a VP, 2 other administrators and 3 other faculty here with well defined roles in administration, or shared governance who can hit sessions about how to do accreditation.

Today has a 1/1000 chance to be shortened if I win the Hamilton lottery at 10:30 for the matinee at 2.

The handout and materials for this session are available in the conference app.

They had a top-down process and wanted to include faculty earlier in the process. The new process helps even challenging faculty according to the challenging faculty.  It is a one page plan as everyone is responsible to read a one page plan. The details do not go to upper level (deans, board). It’s assumed lower levels are putting what they need- consistent with the plan into spreadsheets and the like.

HFC isn’t totally top-down right now so I’m not sure we can learn a lot.The maintenance and growth category would save a lot of stress about whether say new faculty, or new furniture go into plans, or not. Maybe add something like this to the next plan.

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