Quizizz (careful to type the z’s in the right spot if my malware detector is right) is another classroom quizzing app. It can be run like Kahoot!, but the timers and scoring can be turned off. The questions also appear with the answer choices in the student app instead of projected. For this reason I see Quizizz useful for when I want groups to discuss and post answers. Or, I might also use it when I want to do a lot of quizzing and it is worth having all the students who don’t want to use their phone log into the classroom Chromebooks.

I was able to set up a three question quiz in about 10 minutes.

3 question quiz for Math 131
3 question quiz for Math 131

I could easily get superscripts and subscripts if I needed them and there are a few more math symbols under the menu labeled with a Euro symbol. It is not a full-featured math editor, but it is much stronger than those available at Plickers, or Polleverywhere the last time I looked. (It has been awhile – these two may have improved!)

It was easy to toggle of the stressful time and scoring options that caused me to move away from Kahoot!

Settings for a Quizizz quiz
Settings for a Quizizz quiz

The students take the quiz either in a browser, or via a phone app. The app was easy to use. Students type an instructor provided code, enter a display name, and then just select answers. They can get instant feedback about whether they are right. Mildly snarky and famous internet memes can also be part of the feedback.

When everyone is done I can see question summaries and drill into the data to see which groups, or students made which error. So, we could discuss common errors on commonly missed questions as time allows. I did not investigate the extent to which data can be saved, but the game I played showed up on a reports page which leads me to believe the data are saved for each test, but not easily aggregated across a semester as players/students are not formally logged in.

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