So far I have attended the general session and the vendor/poster session area.

I met with a presenter who studied which tools worked best for deaf students in math classes including online classes. I think I noticed that ASL videos was not highly correlated with grade while some quizzing tools like Kahoot, or the MyMathLAb integrated classroom quizzing seemed to impact grades. I have a QR code that should go to all the data. This is more of a something-to-remember as we may start to have more deaf students now that our ASL program is developed and growing.

The opening session was Dr. Christopher Emdin who spoke about integrating hooks in your lesson, your teaching personality, and even the classroom itself should make students feel more connected to mathematics. SB thought he might be a good speaker at our College. I agree. I did note that the pentecostal delivery included a we-are-all-sinners assumption that we all didn’t follow good practice that I found mildly grating. However, there were a few ideas that I am not doing that I think I could implement. It was a nice mix of practical and rah-rah for an opening session.

The Hamilton is a great music venue. About 400 seats and 200 standing room. E and I saw the first ever Hungarian Blues festival. For the size of the venue they had an embarrisingly good line up. Little G. Weevil, John Nemeth, John Popper of Blues Traveler and his key boardist were there. The Hungarian ambassador to the United States participated in a jam session/encore. He plays a great lead guitar- he even had a pretty good solo!

Finally, Lot #3 IPA from Evolution brewery is a mellow IPA. I’d like something  a little more distinctive, but it is a safe choice if you are at a bar. In full disclosure, however, when I went for second beer I switched to Yuenling.

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