The Friday event had a brew master from Bell’s discussing what kinds of math the employees of the brewery needed to know. His biggest point of emphasis is that units were crucial. Much of the mathematics you would expect- concentrations of raw ingredients, the physics of heat transfer, and mixture problems to reduce alcohol content or to decide which malts to use for coloration.

Two Hearted Ale was there and was (of course)the best of three beers I sampled. I also liked the Double Cream Stout. It felt like it had more of a coffee, or expresso edge to it that competitors in the cream stout category. I like that. I imagine others would like a more chocolate, or smoother taste. I did not care for the Oktoberfest. I think that I am just not a fan of the Märzen style in general.

The Saturday featured speaker, Dr. Kahn, from Wayne State University gave a motivation and not a directly practical keynote about respecting and encouraging your students (he used ‘love’).

The last session on Saturday I spent with presenters from Milwaukee learning what I could do this November and next November to support my colleagues in the region in putting on the 2019 AMATYC conference.

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