Tigers v. Brewers September 29


I was on a baseball stadium roll this year. 

May- Atlanta: The stadium is OK, but is too hard to get to from downtown. The ride share areas are sorted by the size of car you want and the signage is horrible. It seems like a pretty good system for experienced riders, for new riders it was pretty bad.


June- NYY: The stadium is easy to get to, but the lines to get in are ridiculous. As it was 90 degrees I stayed mostly in a center field lounge to which I had access with my bleacher ticket. I wasn’t all that impressed.



June- NYM: This stadium had some of the best upper concourse facilities around. It was easy to get to using the subway. Because I came via subway I am not sure if the surrounding area had a good bar and restaurant scene. It did not seem like it.

August- Anaheim: We saw the Tigers lose here. It is a relatively easy ride to the stadium via ride share. The stadium was not particularly remarkable. They did have some fun pregame activities on the concourse. Ride share was very well designed for leaving after the game.


Salmon is not the same as Trout
Salmon is not the same as Trout


September- Milwaukee: The stadium is an easy ride share from the Third Ward and I presume other downtown areas. Ride share was kind of slow after the game in the rain. There was no cover. The stadium itself was nice. There were not a lot of novelty food selections, but the repeated stands had quality selections like barbecue. The good beer is behind first base on the Loge concourse. They only big critique of the stadium itself is that the boxes behind home plate make it somewhat difficult to do a loop of the concourse.

The two Yellich home runs I saw were the real highlight of the game.

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