Lilly #1 Opening Plenary Sessions


Todd Zakrajcek spoke of low hanging fruit to improve success. He mentioned discussing sleep cycle, cognitive load, and other information with students. He spent some time on group work.

He suggested teaching students about the cloud for sharing work, about Doodle polls for scheduling work, and about conflict resolution training.

My only take away was from his welcome: Maybe we could have an HFC Learning Conference once per year where we shared with each other.

The second plenary speaker spoke for 70 minutes about using Walvoord’s grading system that requires success in all area to earn a grade. He uses it to emphasize pre-class assignments it was valuable, but it was a 10-minute talk crammed into 70 minutes.

One comment

  1. I like the idea of an HFC Learning conference. We have so many faculty presenting outside the college and they should share that within also.

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