Lilly #4: Video in Classroom


The presenter shared his research surveying teachers about video. Frequent discussion among participants was encouraged.

Most instructors use videos (90%). Streaming free videos and professors own content are the most common. Most videos are used to stimulate discussion and are complementary to the course- not the primary instruction.

We discussed how these are used: metaphor, treasure hunt, instructional,historical context, satire,to stir emotion, cultural context, and interpretation for instance.

If a teacher thought it increased learning then they usually thought it was because it increased understanding of the content rather than something deep.

He shared a definition of visual literacy that used verbs high up on Bloom’s. There is a visual literacy journal and professional organization. Yet very few teachers (1%) discuss visual literacy before using a video in class. Some colleges have visual literacy courses. One has it as an ILO. So,this might be becoming widespread.

It was interesting to hear how other participants use video, but I have no direct takeaway for the CTEI.


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