Lilly #8: Clear and Consistent Online Learning Environments


I thought this might be useful as we retool the preparing to teach online course. I will list their main themes and ideas here as a resource as we work on PTTO. I also editorialize based on how we might use it. I am concerned about the level and model they use and how well it will transfer to us (see italics below). I also think, after the session, that this provides an excellent example of how to organize an online class and not a meta-level process to use to set up a course.

They say to do this for community building, collaboration among faculty, and intentional design- note that they have a cohort model in this program and that it is at the graduate level

  • Readings go in one folder <-Maybe too prescriptive?
  • A joint calendar is provided (Cohort specific)
  • Weekly folders (Wednesday to Tuesday) <-I think this is already in our PTTO
  • The folder has Welcome, Read, Explore, and Do. These are color coded. <–This might be OK with consensus.
  • The welcome letter also follows an agreed upon format- objectives, professional standards, follow ups from prior week, and reminders
  • The read also has an organization by type of reading <- This might be getting to prescriptive
  • Explore has the rest of the content
  • Do is (obviously) the graded activity


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