Lilly #7: Research


The presenter summarized research on learning. Some of these could become themes for CTEI sessions. This was most valuable for having these in one place.  Much of this is well known.

His personal teaching philosophy: Teach what people still need to know in one year, veteran teachers are better because they have files of good activities, what work can be outsourced to students via tools like wikis?

He also addressed what factors are within faculty control and which are not?

EMOTION: Make personal connections; convince of relevance; don’t trigger fear

MOVEMENT: Movement is good. The presenter lets students use bouncy balls and walking discussion groups (they do come back).

RELEVANCE: Connect to degree program and career goals for instance. What if I didn’t teach this? The student brain needs to bump the learning up on a priority list

FIX PRIOR KNOWLEDGE DEFICITS: This is more than paying attention, effort, and intelligence combined by some measure by Danielle McNamamra. Obvious sources were listed: tutoring, online acativities, Kahn Academy

FEEDBACK: This is possibly the most important teaching activity for producing learning (Bellon).

BODY: Stay hydrated, glucose is needed for the brain, exercise (it creates good brain-related drugs and BDNF<-Google its real name), sleep



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