Beerhead Novi


Beerhead is a bar near Emagine Novi. They have fancy pizza, large pretzels, and beer.

While avoiding a baby shower I tried:

Ellison – Spirits Crescent Fresh: This is a dangerously smooth 6.2% ABV. I would get it again. I think I do prefer Two-Hearted generally, but this is definitely easier drinking.

Greenbush Distorter: Chocolate, beer, and coffee? Yes, please.

Alesmith Speedway Stout: The coffee flavors are strong and the chalkiness sometimes present in similar beers is mild. I’d get it again, but beware the high ABV.

Kickin’ Chicken Sandwich: The buffalo sauce has a mild kick, bus focuses more on flavor than just hotness. I liked it, but if you just want it hot this is not for you.

I had their pretzel on a previous visit. Despite its size it maintains pretzel flavor and texture. It also could feed a family for a week. The sauces are relatively mild for my taste, but Emily thought they were great.

I also had Elysian the fix on a previous visit. I think I liked Greenbush better, but they were both chocolatey and great.

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