LiveScribe+ Pen and App


Fu-Te Ni has nothing to do with Livescribe. I just like his signature.

THE BAD: LiveScribe  has been giving me problems lately in that when I record a pencast it appears that it does not actually record all the pen strokes. The audio continutes, but the pen strokes stop even when you convert to a video. Oddly, if you exit the app and re-enter the app most of the time the missing pen strokes reappear in the pencast and you can create a video that works just fine.

THE GOOD: I have noticed that Youtube transcribing has improved lately to the point that I do not feel the need to edit it in order to make it accessible. Here is a Youtube’s first try at captioning one of my videos:

I have just been uploading to Youtube and embedding the videos in convenient spots for students to find.

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