Pencast with Livescribe

It was only mildly problematic to produce this video. At first the pen did not seem to capture the writing as I spoke. The video it produced also had this error. Interestingly when I disconnected and re-synced the pen everything was OK and I could post the video.

My current problem is that My Math Lab is a crippled, outdated product. You cannot embed videos in announcements. Now I could post the video to Youtube and add a link. Or I could link to the video here. Or I could post the video to a Discussion Board (How will students know to go look for it? Why must they download it instead of playing it in the software?) So, I probably won’t use this much until a semester when I am using the College LMS or my own blog and not the Pearson product my colleagues have selected for this course.

If Pearson has someone trolling the web and I’m wrong about embedding videos I’d love to hear it. I’ll update this post and serve students better.

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