MichMATYC Keynote


Well, a little baseball- I’m glad to see the Nationals winning.

Maria Andersen had a keynote that focused on 5 areas to make your algebra curriculum more relevant to students. This review only focuses on the one part  found most relevant and that I might actually put into use. ESIL is a mnemonic for “Existence, Supported, Independent, and Lifetime.”

Each of a few major competencies in a course can be split into objectives. Each objective can be emphasized and assessed in your course depending on how much you want students to know in the long term. On the final include Lifetime objectives. Chapter tests and projects could include objectives that you want to ensure that students could do independently at some time. Supported objectives could be assessed on homework where students have references available. Existence objectives could be de-emphasized.

On the micro level Maria mentioned an Uber/LYFT project where you can reverse engineer pick up and mileage charges. This is a good replacement for my Delta/Northwest Airlines project and probably more relevant to my students.

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