AMATYC’s Attended

I am posting this here because I finally figured it out and want to just be able to reference it.

October 21, 2019 Addition

  1. 1999 Pittsburgh: Kids with (and young!), Emily cab ride failed- ride with museum manager, too many people at online session
  2. 2000 Chicago: Jazz club, where is the blue line?, naive lunch
  3. 2001 Toronto: Grandma Lynn with. Grandma Lynn orders espresso
  4. 2002 Phoenix: Last social event (science museum)?
  5. 2003 Salt Lake City: Sam engages with Mormons before choir practice, Jim Roznowski wants to eat Chilean
  6. 2004 Orlando: Larry and Jeff visit Hollywood Studio for “learning”
  7. 2005 San Diego: Plaque for Developmental Math Chair, long run instead of breakfast
  8. 2006 Cincinnati: Beidoun drives, Buchanan flirts
  9. 2008 Washington DC: er- memorable for not being memorable? Jogging in park
  10. 2009 Las Vegas: Jeff and Jeanine join every loyalty club on long walk along the strip
  11. 2011 Austin: Dinner where old people needed lights to see menu, Scott gets lost on run
  12. 2013 Anaheim: Jogging around Disney, Anaheim is a horrible place
  13. 2014 Nashville: Ice slide, that horrible Marriott property that is only near the Grand Ole’ Opry
  14. 2015 NOLA: Terminator the Musical, Southern Pecan beer and open containers, Michael Zalzali pictures
  15. 2016 Denver: Skipping dinner with Tom Kelly for Hand to God
  16. 2017 San Diego: Emily flew in a day later, walk/jog from airport area to downtown, walk to/from airport, restaurant in Old Town
  17. 2018 in Orlando (Disney- good pool under construction; Jamboree with Emily)
  18. (Added 7/11/2020) 2019 in Milwaukee: All the cab rides work out in Jeff’s favor. Habitrail to many hotels.

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