More Socrative

Darn. I went ahead and paid for the full version. The very first quiz I created did not render right. This might do well enough for algebra but I worry about it for calculus.

It rendered 1/2 as 2 in an equation.

This shows how 1/n^(1/2) was rendered as 1/n^2

Otherwise it kind of went OK.

Edit: After about 4 hours they had responded with code I could use in the short term (using slash fraction instead of stacked fractions) and a promise to correct the code in the long run:

“Thanks for the feedback.  Our team is looking into fixing this.  It appears to be a rendering issue, if you zoom in, you can see the correct fraction is there, the numerator and denominator are just overlapping.

Here’s a possible workaround in the meantime:
Use the \/ (slash) symbol instead of a fraction for the exponent fraction. Not ideal, but it does work. I’ll let you know when its fixed. Thanks for your patience,”

The slash fraction works.

A video of how the quiz works on a browser

I plan to share the quizzes via screen share for students who cannot easily juggle multiple windows or devices.

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