Formatting Titles in HFCOnline


This is certainly not the most important thing for teaching remotely in the fall but it is fun. I learned about it Friday from a colleague in the Math Department. You can use tags similar to the ones in HTML4 to set fonts and colors in HFCOnline section headings. (HFCOnline is just some version of Moodle.)

For instance, you can make all the headings Arial – like all good headings should be- and you can add color to emphasize the current week of the course. Remember to be judicious with color so that the site is not too loud. Also, remember to make sure the contrast remains strong and that color is not the only way you show emphasis in the course so that the pages remain accessible.

This shows the headings of my calculus course in Arial with one of the headings- the one for the first week's work- in purple.
Look at that beautiful 7F00FF

<font color = “7F00FF” face=”Arial> is what I added to make the font purple and Arial for the week of August 27 to September 4. You do not need to put the </font> tag at the end of the section name. You do have to edit the section name in the full edit panel. You cannot just click the pencil by the name in the main page of the course. You can use color names from old version of HTML like “red” and “blue” and . . . well there are lots. Or you can search one of many websites for the RGB code for your favorite color. Other common fonts seem to be available, too. From what I can tell they match the CSS font families listed on many websites. Comic Sans is an option. Do not use it.

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