Pause to (Fake) Blocking YouTube Recommendations

I do not like the recommendation screen that comes up at the end of videos when I use YouTube to distribute videos. You can see it multiple times if you look at the Prezi Presentation I have at CTEIHappenings. This is one reason I prefer Stream. Some students tell me they prefer YouTube though.

I read of an online hack to add a pause at the end of the video. Here is an example:

It looks like the video ends. But there is two minutes of nothing at the end that I got by adding a pause in Screencast-O-Matic. Unfortunately not all my video editors offer this feature. So, for instance Prezi only allows you to cut segments. I could download it as MP4 and then edit it in Screencast-O-Matic and then upload it to YouTube but at some point it becomes easier just to drive to everyone’s house and repeat yourself.

At least I have a choice now provided my users or I give up waiting before the 2 minutes expires.

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