OneNote Review Student Work Feature

The One Note notebooks will let you quickly move from student to student to see a common page in their work. (This is public and I’m not in a name blurring mood today so no picture.) Just select Class Notebook, select Review Student Work from the ribbon that appears and then select the common section and page. It works for pages you have distributed. I am not sure how well it works if the students create their own pages and sections.

Now, how well did distributing the vocabulary words work as an assignment? Most students did the work well and appreciated not having to upload it somewhere. A couple students were nervous that there was not an upload step and so emailed to check. For the students who did not do the work I need to find out if they did not do it because their lives were complicated or they felt the technology was complicated. In other words would they not have done the work anyway or did logging into OneNote cause a problem, or did using OneNote cause a problem. A couple students have asked for an extension which tells me that for them, at least, it was not the medium that caused the problem.

I graded on my tablet using digital ink, with another machine having the LMS gradebook open. Comments went right into OneNote and scores into the LMS. The person in the free image seemed to be doing the same so that is how that was chosen.

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