Sync Sank

I had a great idea this semester. For capturing work I do in class I would use OneNote. Then after class I would not have to scan the work like I did when using a document camera. The students would just have access to these notes. I even made a Class Notebook so we could capture work in office hours the same way in students’ individual sections.

And that does work if I write on the screen into OneNote. Unfortunately, I like to write on my Surface tablet and have it appear in OneNote on a Zoom screen share. 90% of the time it mostly works. And if that 90% meant just trouble in 1 of 10 classes that would be great. But, 2 or 3 times each class the syncing breaks down. I open and close sections and pages on one device and often it starts syncing again but not always. It always feels awkward to me. (Maybe students see it as a nice break though.)

This is especially frustrating because the Google Suite of products does not seem to have the same problems with keeping synchronization up. Hopefully the pandemic ends or Microsoft finds a way to make sure shared files can be updated more quickly. If my winter classes move back online I will have to decide between smooth presentation and ease of sharing.

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