I decided not to write a summary of each session this year. I will include things that might be of interest to teachers at my College that they can follow up with me about.

I have a couple questions to keep at the forefront when making changes at the College to help make sure the changes promote equity. They may be obvious but can help to focus. “How will this change promote racial equity?” Is this a structural or relational change? I also learned of the concept of servingness, which roughly speaking means enabling success while enhancing identity instead of by requiring the student to suppress parts of their identity. I should read reports and anecdotes at when I get back.

West LA CC teachers have designed some units focusing in using racial justice topics on in statitstics. I might be able to modify some for QR. Topics include policing, quarterback salaries, Covid, diabetes diagnosis and non-diagnosis, and more. Search for “Statistics for Social Justice” on Canvas commons.

California teachers are developing something that sounds like a cross between ALEKS and MyOpenMath. They are looking for places to try it and expand it. If we adopted we would be doing a lot of work for them (some could be paid by them) but it is not ready for easy adoption right now.

I also went to a session on an SI-like mentoring process that is fantastically well-developed. Given the time they have with their students (it was a 4-year school, Utah Valley University) I think it would be hard to adapt.

Finally Dust Bowl Double IPA is a very good beer. It is not as bitter as you might expect. Of course, as a double IPA with a 10.4% ABV use at your own risk. The house IPA at POMO pizzeria is a little too sour for me. It tasted more like an American lager by one of the big breweries. I also tried a couple Hazy IPA’s. They were OK but they have the misfortune that I compare all of these to M43 by Old Nation. Were they wines I’d say they were a little weak on body.

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