AMATYC Days 2 and 3

I learned that there is starting to be research in what is currently called transitional studies. This focuses on the students who either do not have much math experience or much successful math experience. This is the area HFC struggles most with now so we may see some suggestions soon.

A poster presenter from Lancaster Community College has students with HS GPA’s from 2.00 to 2.99 in corequisite courses. They use a flipped classroom with videos, guided notes, lots of review, and flexibility. Maybe this is a model we can explore in the long run.

April 15 there is a grant application due that pays $150,000 over 2022-2025. The grant is to promote active learning. Two currently active colleges used Faculty Learning Communities to steer the work. See

Several sessions had minor take aways such as problems that can be used in Math 131. I have no beer reviews.

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