Mentimeter and Math

Mentimeter has taken the lead in my in-class quizzing software now that it appears math can be used in the answer choices. Internet searches say you cannot do this but my experimenting seems to show it works.

You can see below that I was disappointed at first because the question showed up, but an image file moved the select button to a different spot and I had read that the math would not work in answer choices.

Then I went online in another browser and on an Android phone and saw this in both (yeah, the correct answer isn’t there):

The math worked! I have written to confirm that it works on all devices and have not heard back yet.

Socrative has, over the last two years, almost doubled their price for the retail version for College instructors. If you can use LaTeX then the math editor in Socrative is not a huge bonus. And Mentimeter builds in presentation software (slide shows). Socrative does seem to have easier to use reporting features but has limited quiz creation in the free version and wants to charge nearly $200 for the retail version. The free version on Mentimeter does not limit the number of presentations you can create- it just limits the questions you can ask. And the first retail version for College teachers is only $108 per year. The mix of features and the price will have me move to Mentimeter when my Wooclap license next expires provided math displays in answer choices on Apple devices, too.

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