August 3 (20-17)


I had looked forward to going to both games of the double header today ever since it was scheduled as a make up for a May rain out.  Unfortunately the Tigers over the month of July fell to 7 games out.  Three starters- Ordonez, Inge and Guillen are out.  Brennan Boesch has hit a little over .100 since the All-Star Break.  What could make it worse?  Being shelled 12-2 by the White Sox and falling 8 games back.  Porcello had some bad luck with ground balls finding holes early in the game.  In the fifth, however, the White Sox hit two home runs.  Even Juan Pierre hit his first home run of the season and only his second in over 900 plate appearances.  Porcello only lasted 4 2/3.  We left in the eighth for an early dinner.

In the second game Jeremy Bonderman pitched seven innings and got run support- including a ground rule double from Brennan Boesch.  The Tigers won 7-1.  If Boesch starts hitting again that will make the rest of the season a lot more fun. 

Chicago started a spot starter, Carlos Torres, in the second game.  It was his first MLB start this season.  The Tigers’ plan is currently to use Bonderman on short rest Saturday against the Angels.

Brandon Inge said he was ready to come back weeks earlier than expected.  The Tigers had him play for West Michigan today.  This may have been to see if he was ready, or it may have been to stop him from pestering Jim Leyland about being ready to play.  He did well at West Michgian, but hopefully if he comes back he is ready to contribute.  Inge playing hurt won’t help an already struggling line up.

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