August 4 (20-18)


Galarraga was Galarraga and walked four while striking out one and giving up two home runs.  Somehome he made it 7 2/3 innings though while giving up just four runs.  Unfortunately the Tigers only scored one run on ten hits.

Brandon Inge had two singles and a fly out to near the warning track in his return so he is likely right that he was ready to return.

Edwin Jackson has started a game for Arizona that Detroit lost and Edwin Jackson got the win tonight.  Last week Matt Joyce hit a grand slam to break up a Scherzer no-hitter.  The Tigers traded Joyce for Jackson and included Jackson in the deal that returned Scherzer.  It is a good thing Scherzer looks like he will pitch well for Detroit.  The ex-Tigers sure like to play against Detroit!

I did win a phone and three months of service in the text challenge for Metro PCS.  If you are going to the game text A, B, or C to 39844 sometime that day.  You have a 1/3 chance of being right and don’t have to worry about speed.   Now my children point out that if you win the text challenge you don’t need a phone- if you need a phone you can’t win the text challenge.  It came with an autographed Justin Verlander photo though so that made it worth it.

You can also win the Verizon text challenge if you go to two games in one series.  The word doesn’t change until the next series and the game is set up long before the 5th inning.

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