August 8 (21-19)


Great Job Kid, Now Pack Your Bags and Head to Toledo

The Tigers won 9-4.  Since they scored 9 runs that means BOGO pizza with a ticket stub at Little Caesars for dinner.  This is one of the advantages of having a pizza baron own your local team. 

Berfore Sunday games my children visit the Radio Disney booth to try to win prizes.  Radio Disney didn’t have any big prizes this week, but my daughters did win a Radio Disney tee shirt and a CD with Toy Story songs.  Sometimes they win movie premiere passes or DVD’s.  One week Radio Disney gave out Fatheads of the Old English D.

For me the most encouraging part of this game was that Rick Porcello struck out 4 batters.  If Porcello can strike out six or more per nine innings next year he could become a mid-rotation starter.  Having Scherzer, Verlander and a solid Porcello set going into the 2010 off-season would encourage me about 2011.

The heading about packing your bags is a nod towards Will Rhymes.  Rhymes, age 27, may have thought his career would end in AAA.  The rash of injuries to the Tigers caused the Tigers to call him up.  Rhymes seemed to enjoy his call up and played with a lot of enthusiasm.  With Guillen ready Monday he was the obvious move to send back to Toledo- especially with his OPS under 0.600.  He made  a claim to stay today by going 3 for 4 with a walk, driving in two runs and scoring two runs.  The Tigers have too many infielders, however, and today’s performance didn’t stop the Tigers from demoting him. 

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