September 6 (27-21)


The Pen is Mightier than . . . Oh Who Am I Kidding

Scherzer pitched 7.1 innings allowing three four runs.  Unfortunately he left a runner on base that Perry allowed to score after a stolen base and a single.  Then Valverde gave up a run in the tenth as the Tigers fell to the White Sox 5-4.  It was a pretty entertaining game.  Both teams took advantage of their extra depth in position players to pinch hit and pinch run more than usual.  Don Kelly homered.  If the Tigers were still in the race it would have been a brutal finish.  As is, it beats having to barbecue.

Tigers’ fans booed Manny Ramirez, newly acquired by the White Sox, in each of his plate appearances.  I’m not sure why we care about Manny though.

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