The Tigers Hate Children


Ok. I’m 1-1. On kids opening day the Tigers hit three home runs, the Royals hit none.  Still the Tigers lost 9-5.  The Tigers made 4 errors including two errant pick off throws to first.  Porcello is throwing fastballs in the high 80’s.  He allowed 5 runs, 9 hits and 3 walks to go with only 2 strike outs.  I worry that the Tigers, 3-9, will need to go to Toledo for a pitcher much earlier than they hoped.

Peralta had a good game offensively.  That is about all I could take from this.  He had a single, double and home run.  Avila and Cabrera also homered.

We did answer some trivia questions and win a game at Radio Disney before the game.  Sadly neither my daughter or her friend wanted Fantasia 2000 on Blu-Ray and DVD.  So, they gave it to some 4 year old girl and her family.


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