Hard Not To Make Football Metaphors


This game changed from a matinee to an 8:10 start to accomodate ESPN.  We arrived at gate opening and tried our luck at Radio Disney, winning only a couple drawstring bags.  Then we tried our luck getting the StubHub Ultimate Seats.  We found the person giving them out.  We must not fit the demographic as despite loitering in the general area the person offered them to one group and then gave them to another.  We aren’t used to promotions at which you can’t cheat after last year’s texting games.

The game itself went well, however.  Max Scherzer pitched 7 innings with no walks and 6 strike outs.  He allowed only 5 hits.  The White Sox, however allowed 18 runs on 24 hits while making 3 errors and walking 3.

The game was entertaining on many levels for those who dislke the White Sox.  Buehrle lasted only 3.1 innings.  The Sox made errors that extended innings.  Miguel Cabrera hit a ball into the centerfield shrubbery to make it 16-0.  Andy Dirks, in replacing Young, hit a two-run home run to make it 18-0.  The Sox had to use their bullpen for 4.2 innings the day before a double header in Minnesota.  The White Sox still have to fly to Minnesota and be ready to play 18 innings by 2:10 Eastern.  The Tigers scored 26 straight runs on the Sox if you include the comback win last night.  The White Sox are now 8.5 games back.  The Tigers have 22 games to play and the White Sox 25.

Tigers punter Duane Below traded a safety to secure field position in the ninth making the final 18-2.  (I was able to limit my football metaphors to one.)

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